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Thames & Hudson and the Phaidon Press; The Artist Project, Henri Matisse – Reclining Nude


漢清講堂2017-06-29 Thames & Hudson and the Phaidon Press 兩家出版社簡介Phaidon was founded in Vienna in 1923 as a ...

 the Phaidon Press

#WilliamMorris's patterns are enduringly popular for their originality and colour, and have capturing the imagination of countless designers and artists.
The ‘William Morris’ colouring book explores the intricate work of William Morris from the V&A’s outstanding collection, allowing you to invert your own colours to complete their patterns.

Lucian Freud – A Life in Three Parts
A short look at the long life of one of the great painters of the early twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Lucian Freud Slices of Life - The Early Years
The Early Years: The artist mixed with rogues and royals in his early London life and kept in touch with both during his gambling days
Lucian Freud Slices of Life - The Middle Years
The Middle Years: A friendly intervention by the Palace helped Freud and his family escape peril - half a century later he repaid the debt
Lucian Freud Slices of Life - The Middle Years
The Latter Years: The passing years didn't dim Freud's ambition - in fact his talent, along with his canvas sizes, grew as he aged
Lucian Freud
The life and work of Lucian Freud presented in a sumptuous, two-volume slipcased publication
Lucian Freud
"A massive, two-volume monograph... Shines a spotlight on his early work... and includes work from Freud's entire career." —Bloomberg

Thames & Hudson | Beautiful illustrated books


The world's great publisher of illustrated books on ART | ARCHITECTURE | DESIGN | PHOTOGRAPHY | FASHION | LIFESTYLE | ARCHAEOLOGY | HISTORY.

Thames & Hudson

The Cranky Caterpillar - Thames & Hudson


One day Ezra hears a gloomy blue tune coming from the piano. To her surprise, it's a caterpillar making the sound: a cranky caterpillar. Ezra tries to cheer him up with some fresh air, cakes and new hats, but nothing seems to work... What can ...

These ‘Collapsible Leaves’ pieces show new forms constructed with leaf work. Thousands of leaves were folded and positioned individually.’ Azuma Makoto, describing his extraordinary body of work that is experimental but always respectful.
‘Floral Contemporary’ is a vibrant celebration of the way in which popular floral design has become the centre-stage art for interior decoration, public events and private spaces.
'Nearly 300 pages dripping with blossom … floral arrangements to drool over’ House & Garden.

'Louis Vuitton: Catwalk' publishes today, the first complete overview of Louis Vuitton’s cutting-edge fashion collections.
Take a peek inside the newest release in the Catwalk series.

Le Corbusier Ideas & Forms; The Complete Zaha Hadid誠品書價/費率

 Encyclopaedia  of 20th Century Architecture

2018春節初一, 接到the Phaidon Press的新書訊息

Frank Stella - Out Now!


 Working Space (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 1984)

Tes said that 'some books are so beautifully produced and contain such superb images that even before one starts reading they have an entrancing quality that makes ownership essential. ['Architecture in Wood'] is such a volume.'
[Credit: Will Pryce]

Wood has unique qualities, yet is undervalued or ignored in histories of architecture. However, leading designers around the world are increasingly drawn to it to satisfy social and environmental needs. Will Pryce, the most admired architectural pho

現代建築事典  東京:鹿島出版社,1972 (根據美日版)
  現代建築事典  台北:東華書局,1992   東海大學 建築硏究中心編


Henri Matisse – Reclining Nude

If not for a bout of appendicitis, Henri Matisse may have lived the quiet life of a lawyer and remained unknown to the world. In 1890 Matisse took up painting during his convalescence at the advanced age of 20. He soon abandoned the study of law and became a regular presence in the studios of salon painters like Adolphe-William Bouguereau and Gustave Moreau. He took every opportunity to draw from live models and attended a range of public and private art schools to make up for his lack of youthful training. At age 30 Matisse was forced out of the Paris École des Beaux Arts on the grounds of his age.
Up to this point, Matisse had paid close attention to the palette and painting practices of the impressionists. He began to move past the influence of that style and emerged in 1904 as a leader of a group of artists that came to be known as the Fauves, or wild beasts. The Fauves were noted for their use of bright colors in place of naturalistic hues and expressive brushstrokes. Throughout his career, Matisse retained his interest in the human form and the use of color, form, pattern and line to enliven a painting.


evolution of a matisse in 13 drawings - Improvised Life


Feb 7, 2013 - The Met's exhibition Matisse, In Search of True Painting shows the evolution in skteches of The Dream and the artsit's process.

The Artist Project

"He wanted his paint to work as flesh" - why Lucian Freud's nudes are among his greatest achievements


Five Fabulously Fleshy Freuds | Art | Agenda | Phaidon
Lucian Freud depicted the body in ways never before seen or imagined - these are his greatest achievements

Enjoy this first look at The Artist Project, our upcoming book published in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 120 of the world’s most influential artists discuss the artwork that inspires them. See the Met's legendary collection through their eyes.